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>>Parents demand roll back of the decision to scrap CBSE international curriculum<< Date : 2017-02-11

NEW DELHI: Parents whose wards have been studying the international curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) -- CBSE-i -- started an online petition demanding roll back of the decision to discontinue CBSE-i,with some parents even stating that they will shift to other alternatives.

Disappointed parents in the petition stated that the decision directing schools not to offer the CBSE i is abrupt and demanded a task force to improve the curriculum. While majority among the 50 schools which offers the international curriculum are based out of India, even the few Indian schools offering the curriculum are disappointed over the decision.

The online petition to be submitted to the Prime Minister of India, human resource development minister and the chairperson of the Board, stated that "CBSE-i was launched seven years ago with a vision to provide affordable and quality-oriented alternate curriculum matching that available to students globally. Tremendous efforts have been put by the board to develop the study material. Schools and teachers have also trained themselves to impart knowledge in the spirit of this new curriculum."



"By using the National Curricular Framework as its basis and using a skill-based approach, it combines the best of traditional and modern methodologies at an affordable cost while doing away with rote learning. Students enrolled in CBSE-i and their parents are extremely satisfied with it and are shocked by the CBSE's unilateral decision to scrap it," it added.




Apart from the roll back of the decision, parents are also demanding that schools currently offering CBSE-i and those wanting to offer in future must be allowed to do so without undue restrictions and a committee to improve the curriculum and address any other issues should be set up.

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The government is hell bent on spoiling education, 1st making kids study 3 languages when they need to study math and science and now this....uglyJag



The circular issued by CBSE announcing the decision to scrap the curriculum stated that "several issues relating to operational difficulties, including availability of quality reading material of global standard," as reason for stopping the curriculum. But parents are saying that "when something doesn't work, you don't have to kill the system all together but improve it and address the issues," said a parent.




CBSE-i came as a less expensive option to other international curricula like the International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). It was launched as a pilot project in 2010 in Delhi schools, it was later extended to other schools and foreign schools affiliated picked it up.