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About CSMA

CBSE schools management association  - a forum launched on 1st Sep 2014 with a vision to bring together all CBSE Schools management across the universe in a single platform to share, resource and efficiently establish the relationship to value add and enhance the productivity and optimise its performance at all levels.

CSMA not only assist in institutional optimization, but also be a strong arm and give a big hand to the day to day challenges and threats faced by the institutions at different levels. We also assist to fulfil the time to time demands at the state and central level. Undoubtedly CSMA will be an organization of institutional welfare with absolute scalability and moral support for each and every member institution located across the globe.



CSMA with innovation and thought in bringing uniqueness in every aspect of institutional well being have announced its launch of CSMA Portal as a first of its kind educational B2B cluster portal. This portal provides an e-platform for all walks of life in educational sector, which are broadly classified under supplier and services pavilion. All the products and services which are utilized by the institutions are categorized under different product heads with a detail profiling including product, services, infrastructure, special offers, how to buy? along with the contact information. The same goes with the services that cover ISO, General Consultancy, Training and orientation, banking, etc..,

Jobs Pavilion is another feature which will elaborate the job requirements of the schools and the job seekers can apply online and get thru the matched responsibilities. The portal also has member login area, which is private and confidential exclusive for the members of CSMA

Besides the above, the portal features the latest news, fairs and events, machineries for rental, product line for the week, land and buildings etc., and provides every instant update on the latest happening of the school's education sector


CSMA will establish the training programme for management levels which will coin out the performance factor for every institution. CSMA interfaces all the members online with each and every instant updates and happenings across varied clusters of the geography there by strengthening their infra structural and knowledge state, which will inturn enhance Institutional development.


CSMA with its holistic thought with uniqueness in each and every step of its approach will be a forum of the current need for the CBSE schools to be associated with.

CSMA is equipped to provide support on all the current happenings including charted accountant support, legal support, fee committee working assistance, HR and placement support, all kind of sourcing support, govt rules and regulation update, news exchange, etc.

Schools can login to www.aicsma.org and download the membership form through 'download' and after due completion along with the necessary enclosures shall forward to the CSMA corporate office to complete the registration formalities.